Police search for suspect in Bozeman kidnapping attempts


POSTED: 8:12 PM Mar 01 2013   UPDATED: 8:32 PM Mar 01 2013
Police searching for alleged kid napper lurking near Bozeman schools
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A Bozeman elementary school boy says a strange man approached him on Wednesday night. The boy reported to police the man in the car asked him to get in his truck so he could give him a ride.

MSU police are working on the case, but wouldn't say whether they have a suspect in mind. MSU Police Chief Robert Putzke says police are stopping trucks that match the description given by the boy.

Police described the suspect's vehicle as a black, four-door, 4x4 truck. Police have talked to drivers of five or six similar trucks.

Putzke tells NBC Montana the boy was walking home the night of the incident. The boy reported the incident the next day to school officials.

"We received information on Wednesday evening, and we began looking in the area looking for suspects. When we didn't immediately find anything we decided to alert the community," said Putzke.

This is the second reported possible kidnapping attempt in just a few weeks. The first happened February 5 when a young Hyalite Elementary student said a man also driving a black truck told her to get in his vehicle. According to police she refused and ran to an adult.

NBC Montana spoke to Superintendent of Bozeman Schools Rob Watson who said some schools decided to teach extra lessons on stranger danger.