BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Snowplower Dennis Krack took NBC Montana along during his morning route on Sunday to clear the way for drivers.

"We do commercials until about eight o'clock, then we do the rest of our residentials" he said, referring to the types of areas they plow. He said they also plow a few roads in the area.

Krack works whenever the snow decides to fall. Sunday was his first day of work in a week.

When asked if he ever has any fair warning when he's going to work he said "we usually don't. It's kind of a guessing game for us right now, so especially with the weather."

He said workers usually set their cell phones on high and sleep next to them, so they're ready for the call to come in.

Most days, that wake up call is three am. On sunday- Krack got to sleep in until six.

The company he works for- Greenspace Landscaping- sends out several trucks to plow businesses, homes and roads.

And he said it takes a lot of strategizing.

"Trying to get everybody with the right truck and the right places- doing bigger lots, doing smaller lots. Who's got the right equipment- and that's our biggest concern for us" he said.

To make sure everyone stays on track, workers meet up to discuss their game plan, and frequently check in on the phone.

At each location, Krack checks off a list and writes in what time he was there.

But if the snow keeps falling, he has to make a second or third round- meaning his day could be a long one.

"We're usually out until- depending on the snow- one, two... four, five, six, seven o'clock at night" he said.

But it's all to make sure drivers get around safely, and make homes and businesses more accessible.

"I'm glad to be out here" Krack said. "I like the snow and it's good weather for sure."
So when the snow falls- Krack makes sure it stays out of the way.