BUTTE, Mont. -

Pat Philip knows what it takes to care for animals. Philip has run Pintler Pets in Anaconda for more than 10 years, and she told NBC Montana that she can't remember a time the shelter has had this many animals.

"We’re basically killing ourselves just to keep this facility going," Philip said.

103 cats and 32 dogs are being cared for at Pintler Pets and those numbers climb even higher if you count the animals in foster care.

"Here lately we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel," said employee Kandy Burch.

Up until just recently the business had been contracted with Deer Lodge County to accept all animals brought to their establishment. But the amount the county pays Pintler Pets didn't cover the cost of the care for the animals that were taken in.

"A lot of us give money out of our own pockets to help pay for the little amount of food and litter we can afford," added Burch.

Pintler Pets receives just $35 from the county for every animal they take in. But to spay and neuter each of those animals, as required by state law, costs $62.50.

NBC Montana went right to the Chief Executive of Anaconda to see what could be done to receive more funding.

"They would have to put together a proposal, I guess, like anybody else and a budget process and make a case on a request,” said Connie Ternes Daniels.

Daniels added that it would then have to go to the county commissioners for approval, and she cautioned times are tight.

“Like all local government we have limited resources on what we can do," said Daniels.

Back at Pintler Pets they're doing everything they can just trying to keep up.

"That's the reason I get up in the morning is to come in here and take care of these guys," said Burch.

But it still leaves more than 130 animals looking for forever homes.

If you want to find out more about how you can help Pintler Pets, contact Pat Philip at (406)-563-7464. You can also visit the Pinter Pets website at this link: http://montanapets.org/pp/