BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Montana parishioners are keeping a close eye on the papal conclave in Rome. NBC Montana spoke to Catholics in Bozeman who said it's important for them to have their leader voted in, but with all of the right qualifications.

Margaret Kinsely told NBC Montana she's been a Catholic all her life and says her fellow parishioners have been following the voting in of a new pope very closely.

Kinsely said it's crucial for Vatican officials to look at issues that Catholics all over the world face before choosing a leader.

"It's extremely important, especially at this time in our church, because there's been a lot of problems over the years that have now become apparent and they are all looking very closely at that and I'm sure that will influence their decision when they vote," explained Kinsely.

Kinsely told NBC Montana she and her fellow parishioners pray each day hoping the Cardinals will reach a decision.