PABLO, Mont. -

Pablo residents are on edge after a grizzly bear attacked a Polson man Friday morning. The Salish Kootenai College student was working on a project behind the campus when a sow grizzly charged and mauled him.

Lake County Sheriff's Office reports the man sustained head and arm injuries and was eventually transported to Kalispell Regional Medical Center. His condition is still unknown.

Folks we spoke to tell us they're taking precautions just in case the sow and her two cubs are still in town.

"I don't know exactly, I haven't heard where the bear is at and if anyone knows where it's at," said Pablo resident Mark Roullier. "I'm not going to let my kids run blocks away from the house on their own. I worry about other people and their kids and the possibility of someone else getting attacked."

Authorities urge Pablo residents to report any bear sightings to Tribal Conservation Officers at 675-4700.