Over 200 volunteers help with homeless event in Missoula


POSTED: 2:33 PM Jan 25 2013
Over 200 volunteers help with homeless event in Missoula

This week is "homelessness awareness week" in Missoula, as declared by Mayor John Engen.

One of the events planned to help the homeless in Missoula was held Thursday afternoon at First United Methodist Church.

Homeless folks were invited to take advantage of services they may not normally get such as get a haircut, medical and dental care, a warm meal, clothing and even simple things such as getting torn coats and jackets mended.

Michael Moore, Community Impact Manager for United Way Missoula says this year well over 200 people volunteered their time. 

“Getting a haircut and getting your coat sewn up those are things that most homeless people don't have the resources to do so what happens is they don't do them,” said Moore.  “This is a good way for our community to show it cares by stepping up and tending to people’s needs.”

Moore says this particular homeless connect event is only held once a year right now, but volunteers hope to start hosting these events a few times throughout the year.

“75 kids are homeless in our community everyday; they sleep in cars, at neighbors houses, relatives houses, but they don’t frankly know where they’re going to be on any given day,” said Moore.  “They don’t know where they’re going to eat.”

Last year 75 service agencies pitched in to help with this event and nearly 400 people were helped.  Moore says this year they had less people come in needing help, but he says that’s not a bad thing.

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