BOZEMAN, Mont. -

With the race for office heating up, politicians are using every form of media possible to reach voters to get their messages out and secure votes.

One way they're taking advantage of technology is using advertising systems that can track you to your favorite websites.

You may notice on sites such as Youtube, or even blogs you visit that have nothing to do with Montana or politics, Rehberg and Tester ads are popping up.

"Google runs a lot of things based on your geolocation. So basically where you're located in the United States. So as an advertiser you can actually specify that I want to target only people in Montana or target only people located in a specific location and they're going to see this ad," said internet marketer Drew Schug.

The system can figure out you're in Montana and pop up ads that would be relevant to you.

"They base things on viewers locations, the content on the page itself, among other things.  And essentially the more relevant your ad is to your specific targets, the less you can actually pay," said Schug.

The ad system is bid on like an auction, so the highest bidder will get the ad space on numerous websites, targeting specific people in specific places.