BUTTE, Mont. -

The Butte leaders elected in November were sworn in today at the Butte Silver Bow County Courthouse.

The election brought a lot of change to the city-county government.

Incumbents lost in districts four, six and eight.

Voters elected Matt Vincent as the new Chief Executive and Ed Lester as the new sheriff.

Vincent is a Program Director at Montana Tech.

NBC Montana asked him this morning about what he hopes to accomplish.

"Well I’m going to make good on my promises that we're going to run a government that's more accountable and more transparent and open to our constituents,” said Vincent.

“Standing up there and looking out on those stairs at the people who voted for me, or maybe not voted for me, those are the people as Laurie Malloney said those are our boss, your our boss, so I’m looking forward to serving you," added Vincent.