If you're in search of a little inspiration, rumor has it that Whitefish Mountain Resort has a zip line to do the trick.

"Check out that length! It's making me nervous," said Aleks Schantz of Banff.

Alex is talking about zip line three, called Inspiration. Flying high above the trees, the line extends 1900 feet from end to end. As scared as she was, Aleks soon built up the courage to zip down.

"I did feel inspired," she said after her ride, "It was very aptly named. I loved it. Right over the tree tops, amazing view. Not too fast, it was perfect."

Zip line operations manager Bill Cubbage tells us the new line eliminates a longer hike, allowing more time to soar high in the sky.

"We wanted to tie in a longer zip line for our younger and lighter weight guests," explained Cubbage. "We engineered it a little bit differently and chose a little steeper grade and were able to achieve that."

Zip liners who completed the course say it's a rush.

"I'm just an adrenaline junkie, I love this," said rider Danielle Scott.

Bill says the zip line experience is all about challenging and conquering fears. "There are some challenges. Some people have a significant fear of heights, fear of speed. and they overcome it," he said. "It's really great to be a part of that. It is, it's inspiring."

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