BUTTE, Mont. -

A peer-to-peer mentoring program is kicking off at the Highlands College of Montana Tech.

The program aims to help nontraditional students succeed in their college careers.

"I last year was a really, really bad kid, I was in hardcore stuff and in deep way over my head, I shouldn't even of tried coming to school,” said student Jessica York.

But now she's ready to try again, with the assistance of the Roots program.

The program specifically works in-depth with students providing them with the resources and connections they need in order to be successful at the college level.

"We take a student that has been through what most of our students are struggling with, so they're nearing the end of their journey through school and they're using their skills to help students who are just starting,” said John Garlic, Dean of Highlands College at Montana Tech.

Roots program coordinator Eric Adreon says the program gives students a better chance of making it through their college careers by pairing them with successful students who've been in their shoes.

"This program is important because it helps nontraditional students who are coming into college who have no self esteem when it comes to school and who have no confidence at all become more successful," added Adreon.

The mentoring program begins at the beginning of each semester and continues throughout the academic year.

For more information about the Roots program, contact Eric Adreon at 533-9594