A Browning resident is in stable condition after being shot in the head following an altercation in Lolo.

Missoula County deputies responded to the incident early Sunday morning and could only release limited information about the shooting but NBC Montana found a man in Lolo who says he knows both the alleged shooter and his victim. 

Lolo resident Tony Scollick says earlier in the evening he and a group of friends, including the alleged intruder, went to dinner and had a few drinks.

Scollick says a handful of hours later the alleged intruder came back and kicked in the door of his friend’s trailer and started threatening the people inside. 

He tells us the victim was intoxicated and began to physically push and threaten the homeowner --- even grabbing a large mirror and throwing it at the homeowner.

Scollick tells NBC Montana the homeowner asked the man to leave multiple times, warning that he would use force if necessary, but Scollick says that only seemed to encourage the intruders allegedly violent behavior.   

Finally the homeowner retrieved a .22 caliber pistol and shot the alleged intruder; according to authorities the alleged intruder stepped toward the homeowner and challenged him to shoot.

“He backed up and told the guy at least 15 times ‘you need to leave my house,” said Scollick.  “The individual was very explicit screaming ‘F.U. you're going to shoot me and finally Kevin pulled the trigger and we called 911 right then and there.”

Scollick tells us himself and the homeowner kept pressure on the wound with a clean rag until paramedics arrived.

Missoula deputies tell NBC Montana the alleged victim is at St. Patrick’s in Missoula in stable condition.

Authorities said the investigation is still ongoing.