Montana fire crews dispatched to Hurricane Sandy


POSTED: 6:33 PM Nov 02 2012

Fire season may be over, but Montana fire crews aren't resting yet.

More than 100 firefighters are preparing to board a plane headed to the storm-ravaged East Coast.

Four days after Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of thousands of people are still stuck in the dark without power, homes and businesses are still underwater, and there are long lines to access everything from food to restrooms.

Montana firefighters can respond to emergencies like Sandy faster than most other agency, and they have the experience and training to help victims, as well as other relief agencies.

"Our fire crews contain a lot of chainsaw teams - people who can very quickly use chainsaws safely to quickly remove large objects like trees, parts of structures, downed telephone poles, and things of that nature - to make it safe for other responders to access these areas," said U.S. Forest Service Spokesman Phil Sammon.

Sammon said the firefighters fly out Saturday morning at 9 a.m., and they’ll be based in Pennsylvania.

Sammon said additional Montana crews are standby, ready to go if they're needed.