Montana closer to declaring sheriffs supreme


POSTED: 3:35 PM Feb 15 2013
HELENA, Mont. -

Montana is a step closer to declaring that local sheriffs are the supreme law of the land, and to also nullifying any federal crackdown on assault rifles.
The measures are among a slate of gun rights bills that cleared the Legislature's House Judiciary Committee on Friday.
Those bills met with staunch opposition from Democrats, who argue the moves violate the U.S. Constitution.
The so-called "sheriffs first" bill says that federal agents must get a sheriff's permission before making arrests or serving warrants. They'd risk local kidnapping or trespass charges.
If the bill clears the Republican-controlled House and Senate, it will go directly to voters in 2014. The direct referendum avoids the potential veto pen of Gov. Steve Bullock.
Another approved bill bars police from enforcing any federal assault rifle bans.