Montana bill seeks cash to fight 'dark money'


POSTED: 11:01 AM Jan 27 2013
helena capitol
HELENA, Mont. -

 A state lawmaker says candidate campaigns need to be allowed to accept more money in order to fight back against so-called dark money.
Republican Rep. Scott Reichner, of Bigfork, wants to increase the donation limits candidates can receive from various sources.
Individuals, for instance, could give $2,500 instead of $500 to a candidate for governor. There would be no limit on the amount of money political party or action committees could contribute.
The Republican argues the increase makes sense since the donations would all be publicly disclosed, and will help the candidates compete with anonymous third-party spending.
Reichner takes the proposal to the House State Administration Committee on Tuesday.
It faces stiff opposition from those who argue more restrictions and disclosure are needed, not less, to rein in political spending.