BUTTE, Mont. -

The home of the Montana Tech Orediggers is close to receiving a complete makeover. Montana Tech is nearing the finalization of renovating and repairing Alumni Coliseum with some major upgrades.

The coliseum was built back in 1960s and has become a part of Butte's history. Now, for the first time the stadium's 50-year history, it's getting major upgrades, starting with the field.

Montana Tech football players tell NBC Montana they’re really excited.

"It's going to look good on campus, driving into Dickenson last year when we played them, you know, it definitely stands out and it's a nice field to play on," said Nate Thompson, a safety for the football team.

The grass is scheduled to be removed, and in its place workers are planning on installing artificial turf.

Head football coach Chuck Morrell tells NBC Montana the new turf will improve playing conditions overall, hopefully adding to the length of the football season.

"The key thing is the footing from a year-round perspective, and I think that's where we provide ourselves with a unique opportunity,” said Morrell. “Going from all the way from beginning of camp all the way through the winter that's our ultimate goal, we want to be hosting home playoff games," Morrell concluded.

The upgrades may not be the only things changing.

According to the master plan the stadium itself could have a different name by the beginning of the football season.

According to Vice Chancellor of Montana Tech Joe McClafferty, the naming rights to the stadium are available for $500,000.

End zones and sideline naming rights are also available and will cost $100,000.

"This is something that does create a lot of positive impacts on campus and it creates exposure for someone who might want to get into naming rights which are still open right now," said McClafferty.

School administrators are hopeful the new stadium will get a lot more use when it's completed.

"It completely changes the venue that we have we're constantly in need to have places to play soccer, rugby, intramurals, just to go out and throw frisbee," concluded McClafferty.

If all goes according to plan the upgrades should be completed by the end of August.