BUTTE, Mont. -

Like most mornings, Denise Cagie says she woke up on Monday, and read the news.

"There was a little article that said ‘Pope makes shocking announcement,’" said Cagie.

Retirement, she says was the last thing she would have guessed Pope Benedict to announce.

"I don't know what I expected, but that wasn't what I expected, so I was pretty shocked."

Cagie isn't the only one in Montana caught off guard. 

"I knew he was pretty frail, but I was pretty surprised," said Father Tom Haffey.

Father Haffey pastor's St. Ann Catholic Church in Butte.

He says his parishioners - and Catholic's everywhere - won't take the news lightly.

"He had a kindly disposition that endeared him to many Catholics," said Haffey.

Haffey said the Pope’s retirement won't affect the day to day life of the church in Montana, but he said his parishioners will still pray.

"Prayers for him, and prayers for the church to find a new successor," said Haffey.