It happens every year, always on October 31st.

All year, it's just a quiet family yard in the middle of Missoula.

Then every year on Halloween, things get weird.

Barbara and Jim Bickel's yard on South 3rd St. West gives way to a noisy cemetery.

The Bickels welcome the "undead" every year, and open up the creepy cemetery full of zombies, vampires and Grim Reapers to trick or treaters.

Kids and adults find the ghouls charming.

Jim Bickel doesn't mind sharing his home with his odd friends.

They talk to him all the time.

They tell him they're tired of being underground all year long, and that it's time to come out and have some fun.

The "undead" who take up residence in the Bickel lawn look a little strange, with their snaggle teeth and green complexions.

"They're dead," Barbara Bickel reminds us,"that's why they don't look quite right."

Visitors like what they see.

Kathy Borg is an adult who enjoys   the cemetery residents.

"It's spooky," said Borg, "it gives you chills."

That's okay.

The Bickel's tenants mean well.

"They're friendly, " said Barbara, "they're just dead.

And for one evening, they welcome everybody to their cemetery for a little Halloween cheer.