Missoula utility company offers bottle exchange program


POSTED: 8:44 PM Jan 20 2013
Water bottle exchange

The company that provides water to Missoula has a new way to help the community.

Mountain Water Company now has no-cost exchange of narrow-necked steel or aluminum water bottles for new, 24 ounce wide-neck bottles as part of their Hit the Tap program.

MWC offers the exchange in response to a few reported cases around the country of children getting their tongues stuck in the machine threaded openings of narrow-neck bottles. In three cases, the bottles had to be surgically removed.

Mountain Water President John Kappes tells NBC Montana that the exchange is just another way to serve the community.

"Our mission is to provide safe water to this community, so we look at this as a hazard that's out there to children and part of our reusable bottle campaign. We wanted to get that information out to the community so that it would be prevented,"says Kappes.

Mountain Water sold narrow-neck bottles in 2008 as part of the Hit the Tap program, but switched to wide-neck bottles in 2009 in response to customer feedback.

Anyone who wants to exchange a bottle can take it by MWC's office on West Broadway in Missoula before March 1.