Missoula students are working together to produce videos on how students should behave in school.

It's a collaboration between Sentinel High School Key Club members and the Franklin Elementary School  Montana Behavior Initiative committee to support the program’s implementation at the school.

Abbey Ardiana, the Sentinel High School Key Club President, tells us club members wrote scripts and  direct the videos as Franklin Elementary students act out the different scenarios, each showcasing examples of appropriate or expected behavior versus inappropriate behavior.

Wednesday afternoon the students chose the playground as their stage and acted out examples of how to make other kids feel included at recess time.

Ardiana tells NBC Montana once the videos are finished they will be shown to new students at the beginning of new school years as a reminder of what sorts of behaviors are acceptable.

“I think it'll be just a great reminder for kids to remember how to act if sometimes things get a little out-of-hand,” said Ardiana.  “I believe there's a lot of future in the youth so making any impact I can really is a good feeling.”

The students are showcasing appropriate behavior in a variety of different settings like the classroom, playground, bathroom and while riding the bus. 

Ardiana says she’s proud of the students and proud to be a member of Key Club helping out in her community. 

“I always feel like I’m making an impact and a difference and it’s moments like these, helping with little kids and stuff like that where it really warms my heart,” she said.      

The students are still working on the videos and will be shooting the final one next week at Franklin School.