Missoula store fundraises for local non-profit


POSTED: 9:00 PM Feb 17 2013
 Missoula store fundraises for local non-profit

One Missoula charity says it has a way for you to get rid of that unwanted couch or washing machine and support a good cause.

Donation Warehouse takes used furniture and appliances, sells them and then shares half of the sale proceeds with local non-profit The Parenting Place which aims to prevent child abuse and neglect.

“We're able to sell people items that they may not normally be able to afford,” said Donation Warehouse owner Laci Rathbun.  “We can sell a mom with three kids a bedroom set for $50 that would easily retail for $700.”

Rathbun says it’s all about supporting a good cause. 

“It really feels good to be able to sell people items at affordable prices and be able to fund-raise for a great program at the same time,” said Rathbun. 

Donation Warehouse is unique because they donate to the same non-profit every month to maximize their impact.

“They know they're going to get something and they can rely on that,” said Rathbun.   

She tells NBC Montana every month they donate around $5,000 dollars to The Parenting Place.

“It really helps their programs because they can hire staff and train them and they can keep them because it’s not just a one-time chunk of money,” said Rathbun. 

Since Donation Warehouse opened two years ago they've donated nearly $80,000 to The Parenting Place.

Rathbun says she's proud of the program because it's a win-win for everyone involved.

For more information on Donation Warehouse, where you can donate, what donations they accept and how you can get your used products picked up right from your house click here.