Missoula schools boast highest graduation rate in Montana


POSTED: 4:30 PM Feb 09 2013   UPDATED: 7:07 PM Feb 09 2013

Missoula's three high schools boast the highest graduation rates in the state, according to a new state education report.

Sentinel High School tops the list of AA schools with a 92.7 graduation rate.

Hellgate and Big Sky High School are tied for second with 88.9 percent of their students graduating in 4 years.

The Bozeman School District has the second highest average graduation rate, and the Flathead district takes the number 4 spot.

"I think it's good, said Sheila Harding, who has a daughter at Sentinel High School. “I think it shows that they're doing some good things for kids, that they're keeping them interested, and that's awesome."

According to the United Health Foundation, Montana's state average of 84 percent is the 11th highest graduation rate in the country.