Missoulians wandered through downtown's historic Mercantile building for a look at the work that's been done on the century-plus old structure.

It was shuttered several years ago when Macy's pulled out.

The tour gave the development company from Virginia that owns the building a chance to show off the renovation work it has done for potential tenants.

The 80,000 square foot building has been abated for asbestos and lead. Crews stripped the interior down to the original load beam walls and its original flooring.

The Merc's a beloved downtown landmark. So it's probably no surprise that about 100 people wanted to check it out.

What they saw in the dimly lit spaces probably hasn't been exposed since the Great Depression.

There are four floors and lots to explore.

"I hadn't realized there were so many stairwells," said Seeley Lake resident Cheryl Thompson.

Real estate broker Jed Dennison said they wanted to "show folks who are looking for downtown space in Missoula that there is great space available."

There are letters of intent for 50 percent of the building, said Dennison.

The next phase of the project brings the place up to code and creates spaces for potential tenants.