Missoula police investigate burglary of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church


POSTED: 7:48 PM Dec 13 2012   UPDATED: 8:47 PM Dec 13 2012
Missoula police investigate burglary of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

There's been another church burglary in Missoula.

It's the second time Blessed Trinity Catholic Church was hit in what's become a string of break-ins.

Somebody burglarized and vandalized close to half a dozen churches of various denominations.

A pastoral care minister arrived early Thursday morning to take communion to the hospital.

NBC Montana saw evidence of ransacking in two offices of the church.

"The Blessed Sacrament Chapel was also trashed," said Father Ed Hislop, "pretty much desecrated. The Eucharist was thrown all over the room."

A small amount of cash was missing.

Police investigators spent most of Thursday morning inside the church. They dusted for fingerprints.

"It just really frightened me to see the yellow tape," said church member Barbara Dryden, "It's kind of scary."

This is the second break-in at Blessed Trinity Church in the past two and a half weeks.

The intruder broke into the parish office, looted it, stole a small amount of cash and broke three doors.

It's upsetting to the entire neighborhood.

"We need to watch out for people more than we have," said neighbor Sam Misbe.

The church is going ahead with a Christmas gala festival starting Friday evening.

It will feature Nativity scenes from all over Missoula.

"No Room At The Inn" will benefit Habitat for Humanity and homeless families through the Missoula Family Promise, a project of Missoula faith communities.