Missoula officials increase enforcement on snow shoveling


POSTED: 10:24 AM Jan 30 2013
Missoula Shoveling

Missoula officials say if you don't keep your sidewalk free of snow they'll send someone out to clear it, and then send you the bill.

Heavy winter snowfall can make getting around Missoula's streets and trails tricky, especially for folks who don't drive.

"A lots of times it just takes one property on a stretch to really impede somebody in a wheelchair or the general public from getting maybe to the university or the downtown area," said Gregg Wood, Code Compliance Manager.

After an increase in the amount of complaints of snowy sidewalks last year, city officials say they plan to increase enforcement of the snow removal ordinance.

"It is complaint-driven and it's just basically an ordinance for neighbors to be neighborly. All we're asking for is citizens to shovel the sidewalks adjacent to their property so their neighbors can go about their daily business," added Wood.

We dug into the city ordinance to see exactly what the city requires. It says your sidewalk needs to be shoveled by 9 a.m. on weekdays and by noon on weekends and holidays. If your sidewalks are not cleared then the city reserves the right to clear it and charge you for the service.

The minimum cost of that bill would be $62.00.