Film fans packed the venues on day 2 of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, while film makers prepared to show off the fruits of their labor, sometimes for the first time.

Sunday’s short film block features footage from a film called “Sergeant Dan Edwards,” that utilizes a unique stop-motion animation technique.

The film also features real narrative from World War I veterans describing the war.

The creator, Missoula local Andy Smetanka, said Sunday’s screening will be the first time almost anyone’s seen his work.

"Five people have seen it so far, maybe. I know they're screening it for a bunch of people that's going to feel like I've invited everybody over to read my diary out loud with me standing there,” said Smetanka. “My heart's going to be in my throat, but I'm excited. You don't get thrills and spills like this every day."

Sergeant Dan Edwards plays Sunday at 11:30 a.m. For more information, click here.