Missoula in January can be brutal.

When it gets dark  you can feel the temperatures plummet.

Friday was a pretty nice day, especially when the sun peeked out.

But it was "see your breath" weather.

Nobody worried about having hat head.

Big, furry hats were everywhere.

It was a good day for a winter walk. But most people who spent time outside walked fast.

Bundled in a stocking cap, with his collar turned up and his hands in his pockets, Jason Swope  said, "You get to where you want to go, And you get there as fast as possible."

It was a busy day at Willis Enterprises in Bonner.

Crews loaded snow covered logs for chipping.

Picture postcard pretty.

Trucker Mickey Mumau hauled a new log loader in from Washington.

"Cold is good," said Mumau, " No dust, all clean, good traction,"

It's just not cold enough, said the trucker.

He loves winter.