The Missoula 911 Center will be replacing its dispatch center system.

Monday the Missoula City Council voted to spend nearly $700,000 on the new system project.

City officials tell us the upgrade will help improve emergency response times for a number of departments including the Missoula 911 center, detention center, fire department, police department and sheriff’s department. 

The roughly $1.4 million project will be paid in part by grants and city money and includes an agreement between the city and county to use the system.

Missoula Police Chief Mark Muir tells us the system will allow for faster response times from emergency responders as well as priority calling.

“Calls when they are prioritized could drop down on the list a little ways,” said Muir.  “And calls that are not considered a significant emergency, that those calls may get moved down just a little bit in order to facilitate a faster response to the more serious crimes.”

Council member Bob Jaffe tells NBC Montana there is no word yet on exactly when the new system will be installed.