Metabolic testing helps clarify weight loss math problem


POSTED: 11:01 AM Mar 12 2013
Metabolic testing

It's something nearly everyone thinks about or is at least conscious of: weight. There's no magic solution, but we found out there is a magic number you can use as a tool to get healthy.

You can find an endless amount of magic weight loss pitches online, in infomercials and spam emails, but no concrete magic solution to weight loss other than the tedious task of watching your diet and exercise. Experts say it comes down to basic math: calories in; calories out. But, how do you solve a math problem without a key number?

Missoula personal trainer Mike Rankin offers metabolic testing. Basically, instead of guessing your metabolic rate based on your stats, it measures your body's exact chemistry to tell you how many calories you burn each day.

So, if you've reached a plateau in your weight loss, this may be just what you need to push you over the edge.

A face mask measures your breath and heart rate to see how efficiently you  burn fat. A machine then prints your results and compares it to others in your gender, weight, age and height categories.

My numbers came out relatively high. I burn nearly 1,500 calories each day if I'm sedentary. If I add my normal life routine and a little exercise, shedding my last few baby pounds should be very manageable on a well-rounded diet. If your test comes back low, it may give you insight into why you can't get rid of those last few pounds. It's hard to change genetics, but Rankin says it's not impossible to boost that metabolism.

It might not promise two dress sizes in a week, but it could help you find that magic number to complete your calorie math problem and set a tangible goal.

For more information on metabolic testing in Missoula, click here.