BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Joby Dynneson is the manager of Owenhouse Bike Shop and Fitness in Bozeman. Dynneson told NBC Montana city officials in Bozeman need to make more bike lanes and that the city needs to clean up bike paths.

"If the bike lanes were better maintained by the city people would probably use them more instead of riding in the path of traffic," said Dynneson.

Dynneson said with spring beginning the roads get muddy, and he's fixing flat tires every week. He says he wants to see more options for riders.

"I'm not asking for a bike path to be made down the middle of Main Street, there could be -- I'm sure -- other alternatives," explained Dynneson.

Many of those alternatives were discussed at Wednesday night's Bozeman Transportation Safety Summit meeting. People sounded off on distracted drivers and seat belt citations, and sharing the road with cyclists. Some drivers expressed concerns about cyclists who don't obey traffic laws while riding alongside cars.

NBC Montana spoke to many residents at the meeting who are concerned about drunk drivers in Bozeman. We also listened to many residents express concern about bicyclists who are intoxicated. One resident says she's worried about drunk cyclists pulling out in front of drivers on the roads.

We caught up with Mayor Sean Becker who told us his office is working to make Bozeman roads safer.

"We constantly have to look at the best practices and what other communities are doing to improve their transportation network," said Becker.

Becker told us these meetings are designed to give drivers, cyclists and pedestrians a place to voice their concerns. Becker said the city will take into account all public suggestions when drafting a community-wide plan of action.

"We have improved on that every year. We've heard from bicyclists loud and clear that they need the bike lanes cleaned in a timely manner," explained Becker.

The city's goal is to reduce fatalities and injuries by 25 percent between 2013 and 2018, from 213 fatal injuries to 160.

City officials say this is a work in progress and they will prioritize all these issues presented at the meeting.