Medical marijuana on the ballot in Montana


POSTED: 10:06 PM Oct 30 2012
marijuana plants

Montana voters will decide the fate of new medical marijuana regulations passed by state legislators last year.

The initiative asks whether voters want to keep SB-423, with its more stringent regulations, or revert back to the original medical marijuana law passed in 2004.

State representatives who voted for SB-423 said the original, voter approved ballot initiative was too vague and let things get out of hand.

"The initial bill was put into place to allow a narrow scope of people be able to use marijuana," said State Representative Ron Ehli. "It grew way past what I believe was the will of the people"

Ehli said SB-423 was designed to bring medical marijuana in Montana under control, while preserving the intent of the 2004 law.

Advocates of medical marijuana say SB-423 goes too far.

"It doesn't regulate anything, it just makes barriers to participation, and that's just not regulatory," said medical marijuana advocate Chris Lindsey.

I-124, the upcoming initiative on the ballots next week, is a little confusing. If you want to keep SB-423, the law passed last year, vote for I-124. To vote against SB-423 and revert back to the 2004 law, vote against I-124.