Medicaid expansion gains momentum at Legislature


POSTED: 2:43 PM Apr 02 2013   UPDATED: 3:16 PM Apr 02 2013
Montana weighs expanding Medicaid rolls
HELENA, Mont. -

The Montana Senate is debating a plan to use federal money to expand the number of Medicaid recipients in the state.
Some Republicans in the chamber joined Democrats to advance the bill to a full vote on the floor Tuesday afternoon.
Democrats argue that Senate Bill 395 by Sen. Dave Wanzenried of Missoula also promises reforms to Medicaid sought by conservatives.
GOP leaders in the chamber tried to kill the bill in committee.
But some Republicans bucked their leaders on a procedural motion, sending the measure to a floor debate. Sen. Llew Jones, a Conrad businessman, says he is not afraid of political attacks on the matter.
The House on Tuesday voted down a move to force a floor vote on a similar proposal.