LOLO, Mont. -

DNRC officials report the McClain Creek Fire is 100 percent contained. That blaze started just after 5:30 Monday night, up McClain Creek Road in Lolo, not far from the Maclay Ranch.

Crews worked overnight to stop the fire at three and a half acres, but winds could change that.

Tuesday hoses lined the entire parameter of the hill, that less than 24 hours ago was on fire.

“We’ve got our hoses looped all the way around, pumping water from the top of the hill,” said one firefighter.

It's a tactic they've used to contain and continue to knock out hot spots.

“We've got a lot of water going on this mountain right now,” said firefighter Malcolm Edwards.

With help from a few helicopter drops Monday night and a 20 person hand crew, they were able to hop on the flames quick.

“It was a very direct attack on this fire, due to the roads and the amount of resources we had,” said Edwards.

But their work is far from over. While the smoke and flames may be gone crews will continue to work hard on the mop up process and keep an eye on the red flag warning.

“Just trying to prevent everything from re-igniting when we get these afternoon winds,” Edwards said.

They've got to watch the weather to prevent winds from turning little flames into big blazes that could roll down the hill, on the steep terrain they’ve already been working on.

“We'll monitor it when the winds pick up, see how everything’s looking, and just check for any hot spots, any rollers in the middle of the road and just keep an eye on it,” said Edwards.