The Missoula mayor released a first look at his 2014 city budget Wednesday.

Mayor John Engen is calling it a 'pay-as-we-go budget' with a modest tax increase.

The tax jump proposal is 3.2 percent. That breaks down to about 6 cents a day or $22.40 a year for a $225,000.

Engen said the increase it will cover employee wage increases as well as the city's new Development Services; a new addition to the city after the city and county split the Office of Planning and Grants. 19 new employees will be added in Development Services.

“It maintains essential services and honors our contracts with employees,” Engen said. “And as always this budget is built on the tenets of our strategic plan to maintain a fiscally sustainable city, to maintain harmony between our natural and built environments and to ensure an excellent quality of life for all Missoulians.”

There’s also a long list of new requests on the budget that aren’t funded yet, including the proposed addition of community resource officers.

All of the unfunded budget requests will be addressed at next week's budget committee meeting. The City Council will go through the items one by one and discuss any concerns.

The goal is to have the final budget approved by July 1, when Fiscal Year 2014 begins.

To view the budget breakdown click here.