Ben Sokoloski dreams of opening his own market -- one that also belongs to the community.

He started a project on Kickstarter, a web based funding platform designed to help creative projects find funding.

Anybody from anywhere in the U.S. can enter the website and browse current projects. The creator of the project chooses a goal and a deadline, and if the goal is not met by the time the deadline arrives, the project does not get funded.

But it's all worth it for Sokoloski -- this project is not just about money.

"Instead of just asking friends and family for money," Sokoloski says, "it's about bringing the community forth -- the collaborative ownership."

Caitlin Copple is on the Missoula City Council, and she backed the Market on Front because she wants to see homes and families join downtown Missoula in the future.

"One of the reasons that there is a lack of housing is because there hasn't been a grocery." Copple says. "So I think Ben's market and deli will help fill that niche."

Market on Front's Kickstarter project will end Thursday, March 21. Today the project has met 27 percent of its goal after just 12 days of accepting donations.

Although the goal seems far off, Copple does not doubt that it will be a reality.

"Like any funding, you usually see that big push toward the end. People love a deadline."

For more information about Kickstarter or the Market on Front, click here.