MSU career fair connects students with employers


POSTED: 7:43 PM Feb 21 2013   UPDATED: 9:09 PM Feb 21 2013
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Montana State University students got the chance to chat with representatives from over 100 businesses and organizations at their Almost Spring Career Fair Thursday. Companies like Oracle, Barnard Construction and Hastings turned out to speak with students.

We went by the fair around 2 p.m. and found over 1,200 students had already stopped in. We talked to some who say they came to get a head starts on the job hunt and internships.

"I'm really interested in kind of getting my name out there, and getting a summer internship would be really important to me this summer. There's not a lot of people here looking for a chemistry major but it's always good just to see what's happening and who's here," says MSU sophomore Jenna George.

Junior Drew Cardoza says he went to the career fair on a whim.

"My friends told me I should come down here and look at the options that I could have for this summer -- hopefully get an internship, see some companies that I might be interested in working for in the future," says Cardoza.

Groups like the Gallatin Valley YMCA, the Peace Corps, the Marines and the Air Force were also on hand to talk with students.