BOZEMAN, Mont. -

NBC Montana followed a tip from sources in the souvenir industry here in Montana, who told us MSU Athletics is close to completing a new, bobcat mascot logo.
We hear the logo is similar in size and shape to the old, bobcat logo and is set to hit stores sometime in April.

Folks with the athletic department confirm their efforts to change the logo.
They tell us, as MSU and the Bobcats gain more national recognition, they're re-branding, so that their logo consistently and accurately represents the university and its athletic department.
We asked whether folks could expect to see big changes or minor tweaking.  They told us they're mostly concerned with enhancing the marks on the logos.

We went to MSU's campus, Wednesday, to find out what students thought of the change.

"I'm not a big fan of it, just because everything I have, own, and everything that's on campus that I'm used to for three years has been the same.  It might be cool but I like sticking with what I know, personally," says MSU student Jake Berres.

Fellow student and friend Landon Bayger says he'd like to see students vote on a proposed logo.

"They could probably make it better but I like the one we have," says Bayger.

MSU student Nicole Thorne has a different take.

"Some people don't like change.  Some people have been here for a really long time and it might make them uncomfortable...I'm all about change.  It stands for a positive, new, fresh outlook on things and I think it could be a good thing," says Thorne.

MSU student Andrew Waters agrees the logo could use a change.

"I think it currently looks too much like the Penn State logo so, anything that makes it look more like a bobcat, I'm up for it," says Waters.

Representatives with the athletic department say they're trying to work as efficiently as possible with both the university and outside parties to complete the new design, which will be used on uniforms, merchandise and apparel as the new bobcat mascot logo.