Loyola's 30th speech and debate win sets never before national record


POSTED: 6:46 PM Jan 28 2013   UPDATED: 6:51 PM Jan 28 2013
Loyola's 30th speech and debate win sets never before national record

If you like record breakers, Missoula has one that's going to be tough to break.

Loyola Sacred Heart High School's speech and debate team brought home its 30th consecutive state title this weekend.

The Class B trophy means no other school in the nation has had so many consecutive wins, not just in speech and debate but in any school activity.

Head coach Matt Stergios led the team in its first win back in 1984, and almost every one since.

"They are awesome kids," said Stergios, "I teach at a great school where standards matter."

Every year for 30 years the Rams have tackled the toughest subjects, answered questions off of their heads in extemporaneous speaking.

"I had to answer the question, will Hugo Chavez return to Venezuela," said Mikayla Schneider.

"Is more access to mental health care necessary in America," was Nicholas Descamp's assignment.

Maria Abbot is a wiz at original oratory. She talked about volunteerism.

Caelin Miltko and Shea Mann are debate partners who did very well.

Their assignment was federal transportation infrastructure.

Kieran Collins made people laugh with his humorous oral interpretation.

John Dollar took first place at state in that category for the second year in a row.

"I'm just happy and proud to be part of this,"  said Brenna Kinsey.