Late night crowd gets up early to watch Tester acceptance speech


POSTED: 5:40 PM Nov 07 2012   UPDATED: 5:41 PM Nov 07 2012

After an election watch party in Great Falls that stretched past 2 a.m. without a declared winner, and a morning of uncertainty, Democratic incumbent Senator Jon Tester gave his acceptance speech to another term before a crowd of supporters around 10 a.m.

The speech marked the end to two campaigns that made state history for the money spent - over $40 million.

Media analysts said the money was largely responsible for Montanans being exposed to more campaign commercials than voters in any other state in the country.

Senator Tester said in his speech he’s honored Montanans chose a Montana farmer to represent them in Washington D.C. for six more years.

"No matter what you do for a living, we now have huge challenges in the days and the weeks and the months ahead,” said Tester. “We'll face them, and we'll solve them by working together, because despite our differences, we belong to the greatest state in the greatest nation in the world."