After Kalispell school voted to refinance $10 million in school bonds, a move that will save taxpayers over $1 million, the district might consider placing a levy on the ballot this spring. The levy could fund the salaries of four more elementary school teachers and classroom supplies.

But, the district is waiting to see if Senate Bill 175 passes. The bill looks to raise funding for public schools by about $60 million, all while cutting property taxes by $40 million. Superintendent Darlene Schottle said those funds would keep the district from floating a levy.

"We're hoping that we will be able to have sufficient funds from the legislature that we will have our community actually realize a drop in taxes, both through Senate Bill 175 and through the fact we refinanced our bonds at both the high school and elementary level," said Schottle.

The district will learn if they'll receive funding from the legislature sometime between next week and the end of the legislative session in April. Officials have until the end of March to decide whether or not a levy will be included on the ballot.