Jordan Johnson leaves Missoula courthouse 'a free man'


POSTED: 9:55 PM Mar 01 2013   UPDATED: 10:01 PM Mar 01 2013
Jordan Johnson leaves Missoula Courthouse

Every seat in the Missoula courtroom was taken when the verdict was read. In the aisles, people stood silent. You could hear deep breaths.

Several men bowed their heads, as if praying.

After the 'not guilty' verdict, friends and family formed a protective shield around Johnson as he came out of the court room.

He didn't respond to interview requests.

But his supporters spoke for him, "no," they said, "no."

Outside, Johnson walked across the courthouse lawn, looking straight ahead, officially a free man.

"I just don't think anyone wins in this situation," said Mindy Hogan of Missoula.

"I want to know what it costs taxpayers for this fiasco," said Jay Nelson.