BUTTE, Mont. -

Butte city officials are continuing an investigation into the director of the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department Terri Hocking.

Hocking reportedly violated certain hiring policies and was placed on administrative leave sometime around January 4.

The county is gathering people to take testimony, and the board of health has appointed Dan Powers as the Interim Health Director until the investigation is complete.

Officials told us there would be no conclusions made until the investigation is finished.

NBC Montana spoke with Powers earlier Tuesday morning to learn more about the investigation.

"The only thing I can tell you at this point in time is that she is on paid administrative leave and they're doing an investigation associated with that,” said Powers.

“So what the board of health has asked me to do, is to fill in as the interim until that investigation is done and try to keep the programs moving forward and to deal with situations that arise during this time," added Powers.

Butte-Silver Bow Chief Executive Matt Vincent told us the city is hoping to have the investigation done with as soon as possible.