Injured skydiver returns to UM stadium


POSTED: 3:37 PM Oct 28 2012
University of Montana Griz

A skydiver severely injured after failing to land in Washington-Grizzly Stadium as part of University of Montana pregame football festivities last year returned to the stadium Saturday amid cheers.
Blaine Wright says) that walking onto the field was a way to acknowledge the support of the crowd and the many football fans who wrote him hundreds of get-well letters.
On Oct. 29 last year Wright crashed after a gust of wind blew him off course during the Silvertip Skydivers' popular pre-game jump into the Missoula stadium.
His parachute grazed a tree and collapsed, causing him to fall 40 feet onto a concrete retaining wall.
He broke 19 bones, including shattering his pelvis, and spent six months in bed recovering.
The 54-year-old says he's not sure he wants to parachute into the stadium again.