BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Jeff Moore just started playing hockey last year but already, he says he's hooked.

"I play as much as I can.  It's a pretty addictive, really, really fun sport," says Moore.

Two or three days out of the week, you'll find him at Haines Pavilion playing hockey, instead of eating lunch.  But for him and other hockey enthusiasts, it's still not enough.  

"If they had year round ice, I would definitely go every day in the summer.  It would definitely make it a lot better for the programs here," says high school senior and hockey player Joseph Tyrrell.

It's one of the reasons why the Gallatin County Fairgrounds have teamed up with groups like the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association and the Gallatin Ice Foundation for a new year-round ice rink.  

Step one includes a second structure, spanning over 36,000 square feet, connected to Haines Pavilion, a northeast entrance to Haines Pavilion, and a new parking lot northeast of Haines.

Construction of the new parking lot would begin in just a few months, while construction of the new structure is set for August.

Step two of the project would include the addition of a mechanical room, a second sheet of ice, seating and locker rooms.  It's slated for the 2013- 2014 construction season and totals $1.5 million.  

In the future, the Gallatin Ice Foundation hopes to add permanent seating, a skate shop and events room.  Further additions would come to another two million dollars.

Folks with the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association or BAHA say it's not just hockey players who'll benefit from a year-round ice rink.

"There's 50 people who want a curling league right now but we can't offer it because we don't have the ice," says BAHA President Tyler Carneal.

Carneal says they've exceeded capacity at Haines Pavilion.

"We have a lot of other ice uses.  Figure skating, for example, could demand a lot more ice time.  They could get better ice times.  Public skating, we're not really able to offer public skating at desirable ice times," says Carneal.

Plus, he says the second sheet will allow Bozeman to bring larger tournaments to town, stimulating the economy.  That's not to mention other potential uses for the new structure, like a place for concerts and events, Carneal says.  

Now, they're looking for a million dollar loan from the county to start step one of the year-round rink.  One they say they'd repay without any cost to taxpayers.

"We pay it all out of our membership's pocket to go ahead and service that loan and then the county gets a great facility," explains Carneal.

He says they'll continue to pay rent to the county even after the loan's paid off.

That way, folks like Moore will have more time to enjoy the sport they love.

The Gallatin County Commission will wait to sign off on loans until their finance director has had time to thoroughly review the numbers.  However, folks with BAHA tell me donors have already started stepping up to foot the bill for phase two.