BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Butte nonprofit Montana Fair Housing states they inspect residential properties for handicap accessibility.

But the group said when they looked at the Overlook Condos off of Haggerty Lane in Bozeman after they were built a few years ago, the nonprofit found several issues that they say violate the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Montana Human Rights Act.

So they sued, for alleged violations like not providing accessible building entrances for the disabled.

The suit also claims the condos don't have electrical hardware like light switches in places where a wheelchair-bound person could reach them, and kitchens and bathrooms aren't wheelchair friendly.

On Friday, NBC Montana went to the condos and talked to several residents. No one would go on camera, but they did tell us the units are rented out like apartments.

A few residents said there is a handicap accessible unit, but they weren't sure if the unit itself is set up to house a disabled tenant.

We found the apartment and saw there is a ramp to the door, but no one was home at the time.

Overlook Condominiums did respond to the lawsuit, denying the claims and saying they did not violate federal or state laws.

We contacted parties on both sides of the lawsuit, but did not receive a response.