High tech locksmith tools stolen in Bozeman


POSTED: 6:13 PM Feb 01 2013   UPDATED: 6:27 PM Feb 01 2013
High tech locksmith tools stolen in bozeman
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

NBC Montana spoke to a local locksmith who said thieves hit his car and made off with his specialized tools.

Scott Johnson is usually able to help folks with his tools, but thieves stole his locksmith tools -- the same ones he uses to help people locked out of their cars.

Johnson said he's worried they are being used to break into cars in the area. "They're specialized tools that you can use to open up any vehicle," he said.

Johnson told NBC Montana his car was broken into right outside his house Tuesday night. The tools were locked in his trunk which was parked by his garage. Johnson said the burglars broke into his car through the driver's side, crawling in through the back and into the trunk where he kept his tools.

NBC Montana caught up with Officer Zach Heninger who said police are out trying to track down who is responsible for the recent break-ins.

Heninger said there are a number of easy things people can do to make sure their vehicle does not become a target. "Lock your vehicles, don't leave your valuables in plain view, which is iPods, cameras, wallets, purses, things like that," he said.