Saying goodbye to a good friend is hard.

"He loved everyone- and brought them in his family" said a friend of Joe Swanger, a man who died in a crash on Sunday.

On Friday afternoon, the local Harley community said goodbye to two.

"Both of these guys went out doing something they both loved so much" Swanger's friend said.

Swanger and Cote Fugere were on a poker run with friends Labor Day weekend. While trying to make an illegal pass, Cote ran head-on into a truck.

Joe and two others crashed behind him. Two riders were okay, but Joe and Cote didn't survive.

"They're both very special to us, we loved them dearly and we cherish them" said Yellowstone Harley Davidson owner Josh Fry.

Both men worked at Yellowstone Harley. Coworkers said the whole Harley community is tight-knit.

The shop filled with family, friends and fellow riders to celebrate the life of both men.

"And even when times were tough, he always showed this million dollar smile. And I'll never forget it" said a close friend of Joe's.

"He had a heart of gold and wore it on his sleeve" said one of Cote's good friends.

Friends shared their favorite memories.

"He'd be twirling these beautiful women- and they would just go flying" said Fry, laughing as he recalled Cote on the dance floor at a wedding. "Eventually, they would come back to them." The room echoed his laughter.

Family shared their last moments.

"I talked to him just a couple hours before the accident" said Cote's sister. "He was on a poker run, he was with his friends- and he was happy. He was so happy."

They also honored the men by going on a ride- something family and friends say is what Cote and Joe would have wanted them to do.