The latest appointment to FWP director is Jeff Hagener, a former eight year long director.

This time around Hagener wants to create open communication between private land owners and hunters.

"Our methods of control, primary method, is hunting and if we can't get in to either disperse those animals to further spread them out, put them on a different location, or to actually harvest them by hunters, they could create major problems. Particularly in the winter time when they go heavily on people's hay."

Hagener also mentioned that he wants to manage access to public lands that hunters can only get to by going through private land.

NBC Montana caught up with Director Hagener before his address to the Bow Hunters Association.

An avid bow hunter himself, Hagener believes there is a distinction to be made between primitive bow hunting and the more technologically advanced methods developed in the last decade.

He stressed that there could be reason to create separate hunting seasons for the two methods.