Glacier High School junior Audrey Sullivan knows she's heading to college when she graduates in June 2014.

"I want to major in business so I thought it'd be beneficial for me to go down the business pathway," said Sullivan.

So she, and several hundred other 11th graders from Flathead, Lake, and Lincoln County schools attended Flathead Valley Community College's "College for a Day" program. Students pick a Pathway, similar to a major, and spend the day in classes taught by professors.

"We look at it more as a college awareness promoting post secondary education wherever might be the best fit for the individual students," said FVCC's Beth Romain.

Flathead student Gavin Ruud says he's going into the Army, but felt the day was an important one for all the students involved - "If they pay attention, they can get a lot out of it. Yeah, its a day out of school but its got a lot of learning into it."

The successful program, in its sixth year, helps to motivate and excite students about the college process, even when they're unsure of a career path.

"Students that I've talked to don't know whether they're going to college or not I've kind of seen them with a smile on their face walk through the halls and say 'This is so cool,'" said Sullivan.

"Now it just seems like Bachelor's degrees and certificates are much more common," explained Romain. "A lot of times it takes that extra education to be able to be marketable in the workforce to get a job right out of college."

And Sullivan hopes higher education, and her future business major, will pay off in the long run.

"I believe one of my teachers said people graduating with a degree are more likely to get a higher paying job," said Sullivan. "That's really important to me to have a stable job so the economy doesn't affect it."