BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Folks at Powder Horn Outfitters usually have their shelf full with ammunition, plus more in the back. These days, what you see is what you get.

"We try to take names and call you when it comes in but, literally, I can't tell you when we're going to get the ammo."

Bill Riedman works at Powder Horn Outfitters. He says, ever since the first of the year, most of the ammunition he sells has been tough to come by.

"At one point, it took a month to get something that usually takes five days," explains Riedman.

He says the demand is so great, distributors aren't able to keep up with orders and it's effecting business.

"It's been frustrating for the consumer as well as the retailer. I can't take your money unless I have the product to sell you." He says, "We're having to walk people every day because we can't get a hold of ammunition and when we do get it, the word gets out pretty quick," Riedman explains.

So quickly, says Riedman, that it's usually gone within a day. Not to mention, he's now having to limit folks to two boxes per person.

"People just buy it all because they can't find it and when they do find it, they're hungry to get it," says Riedman.

I wanted to see how gun owners are handling the shortage so I sat down with sports shooter and KTVM director Steve Golas.

"Unless you're willing to pay an arm and a leg for it, you'll just have to wait," says Golas.

Golas owns two pistols and several assault-style rifles and says, he's able to find ammo, he's just not willing to pay for it.

"I haven't bought any rounds from any of the stores. I've considered starting to reload my own ammunition," Golas explains.

He says until demand starts to fall, he'll just have to wait. It's a sentiment he shares with retailers like Riedman.

"Patience is the key," says Riedman.

Golas tells me tell me for the ammo he uses in his assault style rifles, namely 223's, it's costing about a dollar a round or more.
Average quality 223's usually sell for around 35 cents a round.
Riedman tells NBC Montana he's had to raise the price of some of his ammo but only because distributors are.
The only 223's he has are on consignment.