Glacier's iconic road saved from sequestration


POSTED: 8:51 PM Mar 27 2013
Glacier's iconic road saved from sequestration

Glacier National Park announced private donations will keep plowing operations on track for the Going to the Sun Road. Park officials say 'no more delay' thanks to personnel changes and a generous offer from the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The organization will help cover overtime costs related to the plowing efforts in the park. Estimates are around $10,000 so far.

Conservancy board members tell NBC Montana they'll continue to place more emphasis on fundraising for the park as budget pressures increase.

Businesses in and around the park who heard the welcome news are breathing a sigh of relief. Douglas Woehler of Tamarack Lodge said the Sun Road is a lifeline for any business that opens up shop near the park.

"It's a jewel for us. That Going to the Sun Road is the on/off switch to our area," said Woehler. "Kudos to everyone who was involved and helped financially, politically, however it happened. It was just an amazing thing and obviously [I'm] very, very pleased."

But park officials say there have been some cuts - they'll have to eliminate or reduce the season for seasonal employees. That could hinder trail access, limit emergency response, and decrease educational programming.